Tim Bishop

What You Need To Know About Trade Mark Infringement In Europe

February 7, 2014

Trade mark infringement is something that every business owner hopes to avoid, but if it does happen to you, what do you need to do? What are your options? And how does trade mark infringement in Europe differ to laws in other places? Here’s a brief guide to trade mark infringement in Europe and the […]

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International Divorce – What Is It And How Does It Work?

January 26, 2014

More and more people are moving abroad and pursuing cross-cultural relationships and marriages than ever before, and because of this, the number of international legal disputes concerning families is also on the rise. What happens if your relationship breaks down while overseas? What if you and your partner are from different countries? What if you’re […]

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International divorce – What exactly is “forum shopping”?

October 30, 2013

It is possible for divorcing couples and their lawyers to choose which country they would likely to bring divorce proceedings in through a process called ‘forum shopping’. It may be the case that multiple jurisdictions are appropriate for the particular disputes involved in a secure divorce – and as a result, each spouse may be […]

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Overseas divorce and contact and residence orders made abroad

July 14, 2013

Divorce proceedings can be extremely traumatic, especially for any children involved. In order to minimise the stress that children are put under, divorcing parents will want to finalise the divorce expeditiously. Attitudes towards divorce across Europe vary a surprising amount. One need only compare the UK with Malta for example which only grants annulments (under […]

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